The West Yorkshire Queer Stories collection contains over 150 stories and to make them as accessible as possible we have provided them in a range of formats with accessibility features included on the website.

Capturing the voices of LGBTIQ+ people has been central to the project so there has been a focus on audio, but we have also made our content available in the form of written transcripts, animations and short films with subtitles. We also have British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation for our short introductory film and ten story clips, as well as a signed interview by a Deaf participant.

We have provided short audio clips to give a taster of the content of our collection because our full audio interviews are rich in detail and sometimes over an hour long. These clips have been transcribed and there are links to the full audio interviews and in most cases, a full transcript, for those who want to explore the collection in more depth.

We have used alt text to give descriptions when we have used images to embellish the stories from our collection and to show the people involved in the project. We also have a UserWay accessibility menu in the bottom right of the screen where you can select different options to help improve your experience of the website. Options include:

  • Bigger text
  • An alternative font
  • Different contrast settings
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Screen reading at different speeds
  • Use of a ruler to help readability
  • Different settings for text spacing