Welcome to the West Yorkshire Queer Stories podcast!

With so many stories in our collection, we all thought it would be nice to pull together a listening series to showcase some of our favourite tracks – not least because we’re broadcasting during an unprecedented public health crisis, but because storytelling can bring us all together during this time. Throughout the series, we’ve also invited some other people to curate their favourite West Yorkshire Queer Stories, and we hope you’ll discover some new favourites of your own.

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Episode 1: Meet the Team

Released on: 4th May 2020.

Produced by Sonia Sandhu. Mixed by Debbie Sharp.

In the first ever episode of the West Yorkshire Queer Stories podcast, Project Coordinator E-J Scott asks Ray Larman and Ross Horsley what drew them to work on WYQS, and the team discuss some of their favourite interviews.

Stories featured: Offering support on the women’s minibus (contributed by Jackie Clayton); The shadow of AIDS (John); and Starting afresh in West Yorkshire (Epie Ebah Nzeme).

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Cartoon images of a custard cream biscuit, a mug with a rainbow heart and a radio microphone.

Episode 2: Flo

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Our second episode features Leeds-based drum teacher, Flo. They select their three favourite clips, tell us about their involvement with the project, and join E-J for a chat about queerness and activism, Trans Pride, the DIY music scene, and being non-binary in Leeds. [Released on 11th May 2020.]


Episode 3: Jordan

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Our third episode features Leeds-based DJ and recent law graduate, Jordan. He speaks to E-J about his LGBTIQ+ club night R’n’B With Edges, the QTIPoC community in Leeds, and reflects on the similarities between the AIDS epidemic and COVID-19. [Released on 18th May 2020.]


Episode 4: Tash

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In episode four, project volunteer Tash tells E-J about arriving in Leeds as a student, and staying after falling in love with her partner and with Yorkshire. She discusses the importance of representation and the recording of diverse narratives on the WYQS project, reflects on what’s changed since Section 28 and what still needs to be challenged, and the importance of queer DIY spaces – both political and fun. [Released on 20th May 2020.]


Episode 5: Joe

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In our fifth episode, Joe tells E-J how volunteering with WYQS helped him find his own queer community in Leeds. He discusses what it means to be an activist, gaining empathy through learning by listening to local LGBTIQ+ histories, the importance of documenting Trans Pride, and the pertinence of advocating for trans rights. [Released on 20th May 2020.]