These short films, made especially for WYQS by Chris Newby, explore local queer people’s relationships to the objects they hold dear, and preserve the memories attached to them for the future. The films premiered at the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds in September 2019.

Lesley’s Jumpers

Lesley lived in Leeds for thirty years and came out there in 1978. She was a founding member of Leeds Lesbian Line and knitted the jumpers in this video to celebrate lesbian experience. (Duration 06:37)


Jacqui and a Drag King’s Sideburns

Jacqui’s mother sadly passed away but she has a unique way of keeping her memory alive within her drag act. (Duration 05:03)


A Queer Refugee’s Suitcase

The story of a young gay man who faced persecution due to his sexuality and made a frightening journey to the UK with just a suitcase. (Duration 03:22)


Kirsty and Her Queer Zines

Kirsty challenges stereotypes and celebrates all things queer via the medium of self-published zines. (Duration 05:54)


Sue and Bi Activist Memorabilia

Sue remembers how she made other bisexual friends, joined a bi group, and started making stickers and posters to combat bi-erasure! (Duration 05:31)


Deirdre and Gay Abandon Memorabilia

Deirdre shares some items and anecdotes from the history of Yorkshire’s long-running LGBT+ choir, Gay Abandon. (Duration 04:27)


James’s Letters and Coming Out

James appeared as a ‘gay teenager’ in a 1988 BBC2 documentary, receiving letters of support – and criticism – as a result. (Duration 09:18)


Kit and the Rainbow Plaques

Who decides what kind of history deserves a heritage plaque? Kit talks about their DIY plaque-making initiative to promote more diverse and inclusive histories. (Duration 04:12)


Harvey and the Chimney Sweep

A 21st birthday party and the ornament on top of a cake bring back fond memories for Harvey of his beloved partner Alan. (Duration 05:41)