We're holding a mini watch party to celebrate the UK's first Lesbian Visibility Week (20-26th April 2020). 

Join us on our Facebook page at 7pm on Friday 24th April to enjoy four short films telling stories of local lesbian life from the 1970s to today:

  • Lesley’s Jumpers: Lesley was a founding member of Leeds Lesbian Line and knitted jumpers in the early 1980s to celebrate lesbian experience. (7 mins)
  • That’s Something for You to Take Back to Yorkshire: Linda from Yorkshire braves the Gateways Club in 1970s London and has her first dance and kiss with a woman. (2 mins)
  • Jacqui and a Drag King’s Sideburns: Jacqui’s mother sadly passed away but she has a unique way of keeping her memory alive within her drag act. (5 mins)
  • Deirdre and Gay Abandon Memorabilia: Deirdre shares some items and anecdotes from the history of Yorkshire’s long-running LGBT+ choir, Gay Abandon. (5 mins)

We’ll be watching the films together and having a chat from 7pm on our Facebook page here:



Image by: Philippa Croft Bayliss

Find out more about Lesbian Visibility Week.