A different kind of trans support group

Amelia talks about the support she gets as a trans woman from her medieval battle re-enactment society.

Duration 01:13


This clip has been interpreted by a BSL signer. Watch the video below.


Knowing that the entire society was perfectly fine with trans people made it the easiest place to come out — because it was the one place I knew where there’d be a huge group of people and none of them would care. And, if any of them did have a problem with it, it would just get shut down by everyone else… and people tend to shut up quite quickly if everyone's carrying swords! I’ve had nothing but support from that… It’s sort of become my family for the most part. Just a huge group of people I know who’ll generally have my back. So, even when I’m at shows and there’s a load of other groups there that might have a problem with it, it just goes to the back of my mind and I don’t have to think about it.