A network of lesbian mums

Susan describes the supportive local network of lesbian mums in 1980s Leeds.

Duration 01:07


I was really lucky because I did know quite a lot of other women at that time – other lesbians – who‘d been trying to get pregnant or had become pregnant or were about to become pregnant, so once I sort of emerged from the baby-stage of being just at home with my baby a lot of the time, I found I had a really good network of other lesbian mums with children of similar age and we made a habit of meeting up together whenever we could: we’d go on camps or we’d go on trips together; we’d have parties in each other’s gardens, barbeques, and the children all grew up knowing each other, and feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that they weren’t the only one – they weren’t the only child of a donor and they weren’t the only child of a lesbian mum, or lesbian mums.