Trans swimming sessions at Bramley Baths

Dylan went along to a swimming session aimed at trans and non-binary people in Leeds and describes what it was like.

Duration 01:26


DYLAN: Went trans swimming - that was awesome. Last year they did trans-specific swimming lessons [unclear] swimming sessions, they were a lot of fun. So they trialled that in Leeds, so...

INTERVIEWER: Was that at Bramley swimming baths?


INTERVIEWER: So is that like an exclusively trans, like, swimming session?

DYLAN: Yeah, like, trans, non-binary and binary folx can just go there and - you can't get your chest out, so like, trans women have to, like, wear a bathing suit or trans guys have to - oh, actually, you can actually wear no top, coz there were two trans guys who wore nothing on top, and I was just like, 'Wow, that's very brave'.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, yeah. It's about, like, I guess, being able to express yourself in that way, in a safe way, as well, that's really good.

DYLAN: Yes, like, coz you can just be a guy with like a massive, coz there were like trans guys who were like quite beefy and, like, had beards and, like, didn't have tops so really it was like, they don't care, like, just coz sometimes, if you pass, you don't want to like - coz obviously I've still got my chest, so like, I'm always constantly worried that, like, people are going to be, like, 'That guy's got a chest [unclear].' It's weird.