Working with Sage

Keith explains why he enjoys volunteering for Sage, the network for LGBT+ people aged over 50 in Leeds.

Duration 01:16


And one of the things that I did know - that I was, you know - which would make sense here, was being gay. So one of the things that I wanted to do was - and also, honestly, it is a very interesting way of meeting gay people in Leeds - was to work with Sage. And to find out, as my - I've grown older and I've moved into the, into the catchment group, as it were, that Sage looks after - the 55-plus [age] group, is that actually in one sense I would be helping myself. You know, I would certainly be finding out more of people's life chances and life skills and experiences of people my age - but who perhaps stayed in the UK most of their life, or have, you know, done very different paths, very different professionals, or very different sets of skills. And that's also a good thing to find out, you know, what was going on there. But at the same time, I felt I also wanted to do - use some of, you know, some of the skills that I felt I had in a… in a positive way and so I've very much enjoyed my time, and [am] still enjoying my time with Sage, because I think it does allow me to, you know, to do some of those skills.