A group for queer adults with learning disabilities

Group member Alan describes Wakefield 2BU, a safe social space for LGBTQ adults with learning disabilities and/or autism.

Duration 01:30


Alan’s story comes from a series of recordings made with the participation of Wakefield 2BU, a monthly LGBTQ social group for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism. Our volunteer visited and spent time getting to know the group before conducting the interviews, using agreed questions and prompts and focusing on subjects the participants wanted to talk about. The recordings took place during a group meeting with the help of regular group leaders. You can find out more about the group on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter: @2Buwakefield


ALAN: So this group came about last year and like I said we’ve done all sorts. And it’s just, it’s a, it’s a place I can come to where I feel comfortable, I feel safe. We can talk – we can talk literally about anything, anything – there’s no right or wrong answer, you can talk about anything, you’re open to talk about anything, and that’s the reason why I like coming here because I feel safe and I can dress in the way I want to dress. No one can judge me for the way I am or whatever, and, yeah, it’s…

INTERVIEWER: Would you… recommend 2BU to other people with learning disabilities?

ALAN: Yes.

INTERVIEWER: And why would you recommend it?

ALAN: Cos it’s… they’re a great bunch of people there. They are friends, to me they are what you call friends for life. I made some friends, some good friends here and – I would, it’s just basically because it’s a safer place to be. The word is ‘2BU’ – safe to be you, who you are and who you want to be. So, yes, I would recommend it to anybody who’s got either a disability or non-disability, yeah, it’s open to everyone, whether you’ve got a disability or not, so yeah.

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