A 'rebirth' in Huddersfield

When Melissa moved to Huddersfield to go to university, she decided to be completely out as a gay woman, and it was on Tinder that she found love.

Duration 01:18


Well, when I first came to Huddersfield I wasn't actually out really to anyone. So I thought coming to Huddersfield was like a 'rebirth', that I could come to a new town and be out and no one would know me. And it kind of did happen that way, I kind of came, sort of immediately told my flatmates that I was gay and then that sort of made it easier to just say it to whoever else. And ... I didn't really know of anybody else that was gay or any sort of community groups or anything. I went to the freshers' fair and joined up to the LGBT society at the uni. I never really went to any of the meetings there, so I wasn't really involved with anything to do with LGBT or being gay. I was just kind of - doing my own thing, but being gay at the same time.

And then I got on Tinder [laughs] and because I didn't know that anyone, no one on my course seemed to be gay, and I didn't really know how else to meet people. I'm not a very face-to-face person when it comes to meeting new people. So I got Tinder and started talking to a girl, and was talking to her for quite a while. Then we met up and we've been together for nearly two years.