'And there was this girl...'

Marvina remembers when she first met a gay black woman who was 'gay in a masculine way' and her surprise at finding out where she was from.

Duration 01:27


I was planning my son's first birthday and the godfather of my children said – he used to work in Superdry – and he said, 'I'm just helping someone get something'. And there was this girl... as soon as I saw her, I knew she was gay, right, she was like GAY gay. She was gay gay in a masculine way. She was BLACK! And then I was thinking, she must be South African coz, like, for some reason at that point I realised there were more people from South Africa and Zimbabwe that were gay. And there wasn't, I didn't associate any Nigerian or anything.

So was like, she had dreads too – definitely not Nigerian! She had – I was like, OK. Her muscles are like bigger than my neck, right. What are you trying to do?! [laughs] I was fascinated by her, but I was like, I'm going to take her to church and [unclear] [laughs] – literally. So I was like, I invited her to my son's birthday and I was like, 'It's going to be in church, I don't know what your religion is but it'd be nice for you to come', and she goes, oh, she doesn't have that much friends and I say, 'Where are you from?'. And this girl said, 'Nigeria!' I - I died! I said, 'You're what? Are you gay?' And she was, 'Yeah'.