A magazine for young lesbians in Bradford

Norrina talks about 'In Yer Face' magazine, made by and for young lesbians in the 1990s.

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I’ve got some magazines which we created which I’m gonna hand in for the archive, and the magazine was called In Your Face, and what it was was that young people – and you’ve gotta remember – I feel a bit embarrassed at people looking at these, that this is pre-social media days – young people couldn’t connect with each other, do y’know? There was no easy way of making contact. So a group of young people decided to put this magazine together and it was literally written on a typewriter, it was literally cut out with a pair of scissors, and it was literally stuck down with glue, and then it was photocopied and then heat-bound. And we sent these magazines out locally, we got a list of queer youth groups within the Yorkshire area, within the North, let’s say, but then we got – we realised there was a demand for the magazine. But anyway, we had articles in it, y’know book reviews, stuff about youth groups, activities that we do – we had the stars, the horoscopes – I think we were quite creative about that. We had groups of young people – none of this was done by adults – I was the only worker who was literally making sure that it was printed, but the whole contents and stuff was led and run by young people, and obviously I had to kind of overlook it to make sure that everything that went in it was okay from the point of view of, y’know, safeguarding, let’s say. So, yeah, they set up a pen pal scheme, and people from other countries would subscribe to it.