Not wanting to be gay

Tim talks of the friction between being gay and his church background that made it difficult for him to accept his sexuality.

Duration 01:25


T: Just keep myself um, very much to myself. I always have done that way. Um ...

INTERVIEWER: Why is that?

T: I just feel it's hard to um... I think express the kind of person that I am. Um... and I think one of those poems uh probably expresses that.

I've never wanted to come across as being gay. And in fact I've never wanted to be. Um and that's partly, I think, 'cause of the strong - or fairly strong church background that I was brought up in. Yeah. And that has made probably my life a lot more difficult as I'm trying to accept... who I am.

Um, I did have some counselling by a Christian counsellor. And I think that helped quite a lot. But there's always going to be that um sense of um friction.