The attraction of Hebden Bridge

Having lived in Hebden Bridge for nine years, David talks about how it's a special place but can feel like living in a bubble.

Duration 02:10


David has also written a blog article for us: From Sadness to Happy Valley Pride


DK: In a way it's not real it-it-it is it's own place, there's no place like Hebden. I've never lived in anywhere like Hebden and its acceptance of people for who they are and what they are. 'Cause in actual fact nobody really cares, in Hebden, nobody cares.

INTERVIEWER: So normalised that it's – in a good way

DK: Yeah! That's the exact word it's normalised, normal. So for the children on the whole it, it's um, you know it, it's nothing. And that's the way it should be out there, in that horrible real world out there, outside of the bubble.

But you have to start somewhere! You have to start that little message somewhere. Get it out trickling out there.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, and eventually – and you'll find in other areas of just pockets of acceptance.

DK: Yeah

INTERVIEWER: And it's – and that just needs to grow and it, it will. I think it will.

DK: My friend's just spend the weekend somewhere else and they're just trying to enjoy Pride and they put some Pride posters up and they got booed for putting them up. Which is very sad. And we kind of forget that here. We kind of forget that, you know.

Um... so yes it, it is a little it is a special place but that's why we move here. People come for the weekend. That's like – like I did years ago. And then I came the weekend after. And then I – that nine years later.

INTERVIEWER: [laughs] Here you are.

DK: Here I am.

INTERVIEWER: Still here.

DK: Yeah. But it has a beauty about it. It's like – uh five minutes and you're h- you're in the hills.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, yeah. I've never been anywhere more peaceful.

DK: It's very p- it's very magical. It's very magical and – uh. It's near Manchester on the train station. We've got – we have everything, we're spoiled actually. But you have to get out of the bubble occasionally.

INTERVIEWER: Mmm, just to sort of see what's it actually... like in a way. Just to sort of remind yourself...

DK: Yeah, remind yourself.

INTERVIEWER: ... there's still work to do.

DK: Exactly. And then, then I know when I'm go away 'cause I go to Stockholm a lot and I – I try and travel a little bit uh. I know when I get back I'm glad to get my feet off the train. And be back. You know and then, then, then you bump into people all the time. Never stops.