'Without lesbian feminists...'

Lal talks about the importance of remembering lesbian feminist activism.

Duration 01:31

Badge on Story Page from Intentional Promotions collection created by Jackie Clayton and Rob Preston

This clip has been interpreted by a BSL signer. Watch the video below.



Without lesbians, or without lesbian feminists, Women’s Aid wouldn't ever have existed, nor would Rape Crisis, nor would the other campaigns about violence against women, like the Zero Tolerance campaign; nor would Reclaim The Night. Lesbian feminists were the backbone of all of those campaigns. It could have been because fewer lesbian feminists had children. I mean childcare was always an issue. But then lesbian feminists were also lesbian mothers and had very strong campaigns for lesbian mothers and to try and get the feminist movement to support lesbian mothers and to help lesbian mothers get pregnant with cans of sperm being carried across the city in thermos flasks. You wouldn't believe... [laughs] and it worked. There was a bit of a concern because a lot of the children who emerged from that were boys, and we thought 'mm what is this?' but [chuckles] there was, you know, a sprinkling of girls as well. And they all turned out to be completely wonderful and delightful children.