The secret Leeds gay club

Molly reveals Leeds' 'secret gay club' and describes being accepted as a 'chaotic bisexual' by people in the city.

Duration 02:47


MOLLY: I found a… and there’s also like a secret gay club, in that - it's called Key Club, and it's not like, it's not near any of the other gay bars or anything, and it's not officially a gay bar, but... but like, every girl I've ever met in there has been at least queer or something. I don't think I've, you know, I think there's only been one time when I've tried to pull a girl, and it wasn't until my friend Kyle was like, are you gay to her? [laughs] that I gave up with that. But otherwise, anyone I've ever tried anything with in there has been gay, so… I always say to my, I always say to my friends, 'This is a secret gay bar, it's the emo gay bar!' [laughs]. Erm, yeah, I really like nights out in there coz they're really accepting.

INTERVIEWER: So, have you had a different experience in Hull and Leeds? So have you noticed a difference in being bi in the community itself?

MOLLY: I have. I think, I think it's different because, when I came to Leeds I was in a relationship; I was in a long-distance relationship for about two months into the year. So when I met people - when I met people then and I told them I had a boyfriend, I remember that it was on the first night out that I'd ever been on in Leeds. I was really happy because I’d met up with so many LGBT people and someone… I was basically like, 'Oh, yeah, I was with my boyfriend...' and it was like, 'Oh, you're not really gay then?' And I was like [sighs], 'Oh, yeah!' And then they were like, 'Oh, but I'm just joking!' Even if you're just joking, it's still like shitty. It's still, not great.

And then I was, I was in this relationship with my boy- My ex, I was with him for about three years. So when I was coming out of that I was kind of... That was kind of like a big, a big identity shift because I had been trying to suppress the more gay side of me, a bit [inaudible]. Coz my boyfriend, he was also bi. But I remember he always used to say to me that he liked butch women and feminine men. And I would always sit there and like, 'Thanks! I guess? Don't know what to do with that'. So, because he said that I always tried to be way more feminine but I’ve found since coming to Leeds and being single and being the chaotic bisexual I actually am, that people have been way more accepting.