A poem for Bi Awareness Month 2018

Vanessa reads her poem, which challenges myths and stereotypes about bisexuality.

Duration 01:14



I’m not Greedy
Or Used

I’m free to choose.

My ideal is not littered with the question marks of your unspoken self-loathing.
I am not ground down and influenced.

I’m not here to spark a debate.

I speak and I am, but you hear a doubt.
How, when I say it straight that I am bi, you think I lie.

I’m not this way or that, not tried, trying or testing.
No messing, I’m coming through real.

Hard truth is hard viewing.
For your line you fall in and I'm failing to connect my given dots.

It’s ok you “don’t get it”, that you’re not sure and cautious.
I will stand steady and strong for us both.

One day you will see, it’s not me who’s unhappy, but you to have missed out on so much.

As hard as it feels
at long last
it reveals you have in your heart your own song

Love thyself first, repeat thine own verse;

I am bi
I am here
I belong.