A selection of stories from the WYQS collection highlighting the voices and perspectives of people from BAME backgrounds. Please spend time exploring the rest of the archive and listening to more.

Volunteer Yvonne faces the camera in a darkened roomParticipant Wendy smiles for the camera

Does the queer scene in Leeds do enough for people of colour?

Yvonne describes the ‘burnout’ some activists have experienced trying to make queer spaces more welcoming for people of colour.

Doing your own therapy

Wendy remembers being invited to a writing group and dealing with her difficult childhood and the death of her brother by writing ‘Jellybabies’, an autobiographical play performed in Bradford.


Participant Axelle tosses their braided hair in the air.

‘For the record…’

Ajamu X talks about his upbringing in Huddersfield, his nights out in the area as a young queer black man, and his work and study on the subject of black/queer archiving.

Queer Migrant Takeover

Axelle talks about the impact of going to Queer Migrant Takeover in Leeds, and how it felt to be in the majority for once.


Participant Vanessa wears a flower in her hairParticipant Epie stands on a redbrick Leeds street

A poem for Bi Awareness Month 2o18

Vanessa reads her poem, which challenges myths and stereotypes about bisexuality.

Starting afresh in West Yorkshire

After being forced to leave Cameroon because of his sexuality, Epie came to Leeds and started to feel at home.


Shadow outline of participant SamraParticipant Olivia.

Challenging the idea that ‘homosexuality is unAfrican’

Samra talks about challenging ideas about homosexuality in Africa and the importance of activism coming from a place of love.

‘A very defining moment in my life’

Olivia talks about acknowledging her identity as black and queer and the difficulties she faced in coming out to her Caribbean dad.